Coziest Restaurants in America

When you dream of your wedding day, the backdrop is probably something like what SpringHouse offers. It’s surrounded by forests of pine; there are rolling hills and stables. The main dining hall is cabin chic in the most restrained of ways, and everything about it is Instagrammable—the verdant view outside its windows; the pork legs that hang for curing, ready to offer themselves up to chef Rob McDaniel’s prowess. There’s bacon and eggs and biscuits of course, in true Southern style, but also hickory smoked sweetbreads with jalapeno white barbecue sauce, and Brussels sprouts with nduja vinaigrette. You would be remiss not to experience it all. On a roundup such as this one, it’s tempting to dismiss SpringHouse as making the cut for its aesthetics, not its food. But we assure you, the food is the reason you’ll want to return. FULL ARTICLE HERE