“Jeff Dungan’s professional knowledge is unparalleled but so again is his remarkable eye for material sensuousness and felt quality of tectonic forms and details. He’s one of the ones to watch, one of those practitioners who inspire even the best of the best architects. Among the traditionalist’s, rarely can a designer invoke subtle sophistication into the countrified, or vernacular ethos – it’s typically either over-done or under-done – but with Jeff, you understand his perfect balanced touch. I see wondrous love of nature and natural materials in his work, and elegant, enriching strength. What a fascinating architect. A client would do well to hire such a true talent.”

Duncan McRoberts, Duncan McRoberts Associates, LLC, Seattle, WA


“Jeff Dungan- hmm what can I say? When God made him he decided one was going to be enough and then SMASHED the mould.  The interesting thing about Jeff is that his creative process is much like a complicated Swiss watch. Take the back off and watch all the parts spin simultaneously – I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed anything like it. So when I think about what sets him apart from the fray one phrase comes to mind – “true creative genius”. He constantly and consistently thinks outside the box. He really lives to create and imagine a new idea with the enthusiasm and joy of a five year old boy. He jumps, he leaps, he claps- he squeals with glee whenever he imagines another new concept! Tickled to death with each and every detail involved with the project and dogged about the details that will set this one apart from the others that came before. 

He remains -after all these years of doing what he does- passionate about the process of creation- constantly amazed – that someone likes him or admires his work! Approachable, authentic and humble, and moreover really real- a refreshing quality in a world that is often jaded and pretentious! Therein is the joyfulness and genius that is Jeffrey Dungan!”

Beth Webb, Beth Webb Interiors, Atlanta, GA


“Jeffrey Dungan’s work is a soft reminder of what it is to be human; it comforts us in our memories and supports us in who we want to be and how we want to live. More than an architect, he is an artist of material and a master of form & space.”

Michael Imber, Michael G. Imber, Architects, San Antonio, TX


Jeff Dungan is a dream to work with. His genius is continually overflowing and he is such an inspiration to dig deeper/walk the line. His respect towards every one on the job displays his true character as to whom he really is behind those spectacle glasses. He becomes part of his client’s family, almost instantly, and they hang onto every word he says, as they should. Jeff is unbelievably talented, a good man, and ever evolving with his masterpieces and architectural creations. He truly breathes life into each one, quite mesmerizing to watch.

Beth McMillian, McMillan Interiors, Birmingham, Alabama


“Can’t say enough superlatives about my experience with Jeffrey Dungan. He is a very exceptional and rare talent. I was a fan of his work prior to having an opportunity to work with him personally. Beyond his artistry, I also appreciate Jeffrey’s strong vision and restrained design. I would say Jeffrey’s mixes traditional architecture with an unmistakable “cool” factor. Jeffrey is a smart, funny, and exactly the kind of person you are glad to have around on project that can take a year or more. Pleased to give him my highest endorsement and recommendation!”

Brady Fry, Fry Classic Construction, Nashville, TN