Collaborating with interior designers is always a highlight of my work, not only for the synergy it brings but also for the invaluable insights I gain from them. It’s genuinely an honor whenever they entrust me to design a home for them, a privilege I’ve had about a half dozen times over the years. These collaborations invariably propel me into uncharted creative territories, enriching my architectural journey. The design of this house, perched on a spit of land by a private lake, led us down a path of discovery we could scarcely have envisioned. While the rooflines might nod to the rustic charm of Adirondack mountain homes, the use of white Texas limestone steered our vision in a subtly distinct direction. Inside, the home’s thick plaster walls draw one in, echoing the serene beauty of English or perhaps French chapels, creating spaces that exude comfort and warmth.