When we interview our clients to unearth their ideas and thoughts and gain some deeper insights and understanding and create the program for their homes, there are sometimes a few unexpected twists. As we discussed the details of this home with the wife, we discovered that she actually didn’t want a lake house; she really wanted a beach house. Instead of trying to sway her decision, we embraced the challenge, incorporating beach house elements into her lake house design. This approach led to a courtyard-style entry, offering both privacy and a unique outdoor space, complemented by an intriguing facade from the motor court. We selected concrete pavers for their cool touch to bare feet and their practicality for kids in wet bathing suits and dogs. While we typically favor stone, to lend a beachier vibe, we applied a lime and plaster wash. Inside, we chose pecky cypress and plastered walls, creating a palette of soft, airy spaces with lighter tones that perfectly matched her vision of a beachy lake house.