Working in concrete is a wonderful experience, as it is a material with massive strength but can also deliver delicate forms since it is at first almost a fluid—it takes the shape of the formwork. We have spent many years crafting homes at Alys Beach, an enclave of white stucco homes that evoke the essence of Italian or Grecian beach towns along the coast of Florida. Inspired by the idea of sculpting spaces as I would with my grandsons while making sandcastles in the summertime, we carved out courtyards and chimneys, crafted pools and urns with waterfalls, and created oval-ish openings in the walls and rooftop terraces. The interior of the house seamlessly extends the architectural narrative of the exterior, where openings are devoid of trim, edged only by a softened, thickened wall of plaster. The floors, ground and polished with white marble chips, echo the texture of seashells scattered across white sands, further blurring the lines between the built environment and the natural landscape.

Through the window's glass, reflections dance and play,
Mirroring secrets of the world in a captivating display.

In the garden of whispers, where shadows dance.

Nowhere is the daylight brighter and more pervasive than in Florida, where the shadows are just as poignant and ever change as the sand on the beaches.

When evening hour casts its radiant glow,

spaces bathed in warmth, a heavenly show.